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TEAM — Shortcutz Berlin


MARIA PENA | Communication graphic designer graduated at FBAUL – Lisbon Fine Arts University, who constantly questions the point of everything. Lived in Budapest for 2 years and is now hidden in Berlin.

MARIA TEIXEIRA | Graphic designer and illustrator born in Lisbon. Currenctly studying Animation in Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. Still trying to figure out the love-hate relationship with Berlin.

Online Communication and Partnerships:

MARIA BOTELHO | From a small town in Portugal to Amsterdam where she studied Political Communication. Moved to Berlin in the Summer of 2016. Currently working for Book a Street Artist as Country Manager.

ANDY BETHELL | Film lover from the United Kingdom. Studied Film & Video Production at Sheffield University where he participated in a few film projects.

RITA GUERREIRO | Studied Audiovisual and Multimedia at ESCS – Escola Superior de Comunicação in Lisbon. Moved to Berlin in late 2010. Co-founded Shortcutz Berlin in 2011 with Humberto Rocha (director/producer/camera, Um Segundo Filmes). 

Master of ceremony:

HUGO SOUSA | scriptwriter and director born in Porto, Portugal. After studying Photography in his hometown, he went on working in various films in Berlin and the Netherlands. In 2014, he has published a poetry book in Portuguese, entitled “Crónicas do Vazio”


LUIS BOMPASTOR | Originally from Vila do Conde, a small town near Porto. He is now living in Berlin, where he develops some personal projects, as well as some commissioned work that can be seen in his personal website.

Shortcutz Berlin is part of LABZ Network – Associação Cultural para a Presença Sustentável das Artes nas Cidades

Rua da Rosa 105, 3ºEsq., 1200 -382 Lisboa, Portugal

NIPC: 513832114

Rui de Brito, Executive and Creative Director:
Andie Pires, Executive Producer:

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