Please Note: there is no competition going on this year. Shortcutz Berlin is accepting entries for 2017 onwards.

With Shortcutz Berlin, there are NO SUBMISSION FEES.

Any filmmaker can submit shorts for competition, as long as they are:

– less than 1 year to the date of submission
– less than 15 minutes in length
– German production, that is, related to Germany: crew OR cast OR story*

(Shorts that don’t match the above criteria can also participate, but as Guest Shorts, not in the competition)

Subtitles: when selected for the competition, please make sure your short is subtitled in English. For ease of  the submission process, we accept shorts in German and English.

Screening format: we highly recommend you to send us your movie as a MP4 with H.264 encoding.

Submitting: You may send us your film for a preview by link, password-protected, or by using Wetransfer (no registration, no fee, files up to 2GB) to 

*German production: what does that mean?

Based in and operating from the German capital of Berlin, Shortcutz Berlin values itself as a meeting and exchange point for the local and national short film and video scene. In our age of constant roaming, Shengen and multi-culturism, we consider a work to be “German” if is has been either made, planed, produced or post-produced by a German citizen or a German resident. If you live or stay in Germany only temporarly, or you just arrived, but you have previous works you would like to share with the Berlin audience, please don’t hesitate to write to us in any case, as your short can be entered for the Guest Short category.

For further information or questions, please contact us at:


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