Launched on February 3rd 2011, Shortcutz Berlin aims to be a showcase for existing and new and emerging talents. Focusing on video as a medium of creative expression, Shortcutz Berlin tries to reflect the variety of Berlin’s cultural life by screening in the same venue cinematographic, animated, documentary or experimental short films. More than a film festival, Shortcutz Berlin is set to be a unique contact point for new short films and their makers. A place for professionals, students, amateurs, and anyone passionate about film and video to come, meet and share their ideas on the subject.

Shortcutz is a LABZ NETWORK concept and trademark.

LABZ – CULTURAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE SUSTAINABLE PRESENCE OF ARTS IN THE CITIES is an international non-profit cultural association, with the portuguese private law number 513 832 114, based in Av. República, 1583, 3A, 2775-275 PAREDE – PORTUGAL and was incorporated by public deed in Lisbon, Portugal, February, 15, 2016.


Shortcutz Berlin is a unique weekly event that showcases new German short films by amateurs and professionals alike. As the world’s only year-round event of its kind, it enables close interaction between filmmakers, artists and the audience.

Each week, three short films, two for competition and one Guest Short, are screened, followed by a Q&A, a discussion between the audience and one or more members of the cast and crew.

Every week, one Special Guest is invited to the screening to share his or her opinion and experience in order to stimulate discussion with the audience. Special Guests include award-winning directors, professional actors, producers and Berlin very own brand of do-it yourself young international creative people and technicians. The Special Guests can also be invited to present a short film or an extract of a longer film. They can also curate the work of specific director or artist. Although located in Berlin, the language spoken is English and the shorts are screened with English subtitles, when not already in English.


Each film will have a strong relevance, not only to Berlin, but to Germany. To enter competition, a film must have been produced in the country or abroad by a resident in the last 12 months and must not exceed 18 minutes (credits included).

At Shortcutz, competition is double headed. Every month, our jury (made of industry professionals) votes for the Best Short of the Month.  The monthly winners then are automatically entered for the Best Short of the Year competition and therefore get the chance to send a team member to present their film at the other Shortcutz festivals worldwide – Lisbon, Porto, Amsterda and Rio de Janeiro.


One thing to know about us, is that competition is not everything. We also screen films that don’t fit some of the rules. For the Guest Shorts category, we welcome shorts from any origin and of any production year. No need to be German or from last year to be screened. Here, only time is a limitation. As per the competition, we only accept movies up until 18 minutes.


Set in a bar and not in a traditional movie theater, Shortcutz Berlin, like all the cities that belong to the Shortcutz Network, is committed to change the way films are viewed. Dark and soporific cinemas are out; in are vibrant nightlife districts, areas that can create a new and more intimate dynamic between filmmakers and the public, during and after the screenings.


More than a local and national hub for short films, Shortcutz Berlin is part of an international and growing platform that aims to promote new talent at the global level. “Maximum national and international visibility and exposure of young creative talent is at the heart of the movement,” explains Shortcutz’ Creative and Executive Director, Rui de Brito.


“The world is facing the next big artistic, economic and social revolution and the young creative minds of our cities will be in the front line,” says Rui de Brito. “We will give support and incentive to this creative generation who will share with us their experiences and ideas, uniting the city in one exciting movement of creativity and hope for the future!”, are the goals of the Shortcutz’ founder.


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