Shortcutz Berlin at the next Berlin Video Meetup – Monday, June 22nd


While on a break, Shortcutz Berlin will have a short participation at the next Berlin Video Meetup!
As part of the program, you will be able to watch one of the “Winner of the Month” shorts from this year! Stay tuned for more info!

The event will take placee on Monday, June 22? The event starts at 7:00 PM and takes place at Umspannwerk Kreuzberg.

Ohlauer Straße 43
10999, Berlin

More info at:

Shortcutz Berlin #115 – Winner Sesion: May 27th


The Winner Session of May is coming! In this evening we will announce and screen the “Winner of the Month”, voted by our jury! The shorts competing this month were the following:

Short #1: “24/7“, by Jeanette Wagner
Short #2: “Mein Engel“, by Miriam Bliese
Short #3: “Love, Yesterday”, by Joya Thome
Short #4: “Telekomando“, by Erik Schmitt
Short #5: “Rien ne va plus“, by Marc Schmidheiny & Christoph Daniel
Short #6: “Micki “, by Alexander Lahl & Izabela Plucinska

As guest shorts we will have: “Zur rechten Zeit”, by Eliza Petkova

Synopsis: Adriane Gertz is a philosophy teacher at a high school. Her goal is to be socially independent, but a love affair with one of her students shatters her quest for self-reliance. Her days are increasingly filling up with power games and the fear of loss. She painfully realizes that it is impossible to avoid being human. “At the right time” paints the picture of a woman that represents the cold and solitude of a society in which the fear of failure exceeds over the lust for life.

Find more info about Eliza´s work here.


short by british filmmaker Edward Tracy who is coming to present his short “Captcha”

Synopsis: In a futuristic version of 1940s London, an injured man turns out to have had a love implant put inside him without his knowing, in order to make him fall him love with a spy. The spy has by now fallen in love for real with the man, and she must decide whether to reveal all and betray her mission, hoping he might still love her.

More info about this short here.

Last but not least, DimiTris JimmyBoy ARgyriou will present us with a dj-set after the screenings.

Please remember: this will be the last screening before our “Summer break”. There will be no more Shorcutz Berlin screenings until the Fall. Stay tuned for our comeback!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!


Shortcutz Berlin #114 Session – May 20th


The third round of competition shorts of the month of May is here! The shorts are the following:

Short #1: “Rien ne va plus“, by Marc Schmidheiny & Christoph Daniel

Synopsis: It’s every professional gambler’s dream: getting rid that stupid luck that helps amateurs win nevertheless. But when you have it at gunpoint, be sure to pull the trigger – because if don’t you’ll learn it the hard way: don’t fuck with luck!

Short #2: “Micki “, by Alexander Lahl & Izabela Plucinska

Synopsis: For love, an 18 years old girl tries to escape across the Berlin Wall. As she has only a few meters still to climb, the story comes to a tragical end. A true story.

The special guest is Rick Minnich, American independent filmmaker based in Berlin.

Rick Minnich has been writing, directing and producing shorts and feature documentaries since 1993 in association with various German broadcasters, film funds, and production companies. His award-winning films include: “Heaven on Earth” or  “Homemade Hillbilly Jam”. Rick recently premiered the film “The Bomb Hunters”. Watch the trailer here.

Rick will show, among other things, an excerpt of “The Bomb Hunters” and his most recent “The Strait Guys” trailer (work-in-progress). More information about Rick´s work at his website here.

As guest shorts we will have “The Godfather of Bubbles” and “Bubble Birthday”, by Rick Minnich.

Check the complete details of the screening in our website:

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

As always, the event has no entrance fee – it is FREE ENTRANCE!


we are ready for the second round of competition shorts of the month of May! What about you?
The shorts this week are the following:

Short #1: “Love, Yesterday”, by Joya Thome

Synopsis: Hannah goes to see Mika, who has just been at an award ceremony. As always, the two of them meet in his hotel room. They dance, get closer, sleep together. While Mika sleeps peacefully, Hannah roams restlessly through the nocturnal hotel room. What started as a romantic love affair becomes an enduring emptiness that Hannah desperately tries to fill.

Short #2: “Telekomando“, by Erik Schmitt

Synopsis: Volker Henk has been working for the local city authorities for years, he’s in charge of the automation of urban activities. He impressively demonstrates the myriad possibilities of his universal remote control. But when it gets stolen, the city succumbs to apocalyptic chaos.

The Special Guest is Leon Baumgartl, who co-organised the last two editions of the VELOBerlinFilmAward. When he’s not watching movies or riding his bike, he’s probably in his little analogue-spaceship-studio creating weird electronic music.

Guest Shorts:

Mianzi Rei – My Legs My Gears“, by Peter Scholl / Mark Wagner (winner of this year´s VELOBerlinFilmAward edition)

Synopsis: The film “Mianzi Rei – My Legs My Gears” is using aesthetic images to show insights into the life of Berlin cycling icon Mianzi Rei. The ex-tattoo model lives for her passion on fixed gear and road bikes. Sexy and with style! Soothing monochrome images give a glimpse into Berlins cycling scene.

“Bike <3“, by Rick Darge

Synopsis: A bike is not only a way of transportation – it’s a good friend and loss is more than tragic.

The ENTRANCE is FREE! See you all there!!

Shortcutz Berlin – Winner of the Month of April 2015

The Winner of the Month of April is “Substanz”, by Sebastian Mez. Congratlations!!   Winner_April

Synopsis: Working with footage that the filmmaker captured in Japan 2011 right after an unimaginable catastrophe hit the country, this cinematic composition examine the randomness and distance of the footage itself, in order to attain a new level of perception by overlapping image and sound and therefore recreating a sensation of being lost in a foreign country under state of emergency. More info about Sebastian´s work can be found here.

Shortcutz Berlin # Session – May 6th


The first round of competition shorts of the month of May is here!

May is going to be the last month of screenings before Shortcutz Berlin goes on a break for the Summer. We will come back in the Fall.

The shorts in competition this week are the following:

Short #1: “24/7“, by Jeanette Wagner

Synopsis: Two people living in a state of bored love, a married couple in short, invite an unknown couple to their house. First it’s time for coffee, then let’s see. In the end the boredom is gone – but at times it’s better not knowing everything about your partner.

Short #2: “Mein Engel“, by Miriam Bliese

Synopsis: Jelena and her mother Vera, left Russia 20 years ago to come to Germany. Since this time, they’ve been living together in a tiny two bedroom appartment. Vera is almost 70 now and unable to accept reality in Germany. In her mind, she still lives in Russia, where she was a famous dancer. She gave up everything to allow her daughter to make her career in the west. But Jelena only managed to get a job as a dance teacher for chubby little girls…
Every single moment, Vera makes her daughter feel that she is not good enough. And Jelena takes revenge by all means available to her. A film about a power struggle between a mother and her daughter.

The Special Guest is Marion Pfaus – Rigoletti. Marion is writer and filmmaker from Berlin and also part of the jury of Shortcutz Berlin.Rigoletti will show some of her humboldt21-movies – more info in this article from Exberliner magazine.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!