Shortcutz Berlin #111 – Winner Session: Wednesday, April 29th


The Winner Session of April is finally taking place! Join us to know who the “Winner of the Month” of April is! The 8 shorts in competition were:

Short #1: “Berlin Troika”, Andrej Gontcharov
Short #2: “Time in Depth” Torsten Lang
Short #3: “Strangers”, Erik Lehmann
Short #4: Call of the Wild, Frank J. Hoffmnan
Short #5: “A Composer”, Daniel Kötter
Short #6: “Substanz”, Sebastian Mez
Short #7: “This is about senses and this is about hapiness”, Rike Hoppe
Short #8: “Licht”, Hannes Rössler

We will announce and screen the “Winner of the Month”, voted by our jury.

The Special Guest of the evening is Gianluca Baccanico, Co-director at Loophole and curator of the Boddinale Festival. Gianluca will bring the short “Pawnshop Santa _23″ by Mary Ocher.

Last but not least, the Guest Short is “Hiob“, by Marco Gadge.

Synopsis: Shadows are all Commissioner Berger sees; years of delivering news of others’ deaths have made him a cynic—but now Berger’s new colleague, Martin Stern, has him completely at a loss.

Shortcutz Berlin #101 Session – April 22nd


The fourth round of competition shorts of the month of April is here! The shorts this week are the following:

Short #1: “This is about senses and this is about hapiness”, by Rike Hoppe

Synopsis: Between lace curtains and flower beds full of life. Despite constraints and lists are an elderly lady back to her inner child and experiences the world in her small apartment with all her senses.

Short #2: “Licht”, by Hannes Rössler

Synopsis: A young woman witnesses a crime in her courtyard: a man with a knife from whose appartement she hears a woman screaming and later receives a Morse code that conveys a secret message to her. As the police can’t help, she tries to solve the crime on her own.

Watch the trailer here.

The Special Guest is Nele Fritzsche, born 1989 in Berlin, is studying Music & Media as well as Scandinavian Studies at HU Berlin. Since 2008 Nele has been working regularly in the international festival scene. Among other things she is working for Berlin International Film Festival, organising the Interforum and curating the special programs, such as Norwegian Focus last year and Baltic Focus this year.

Guest Short: “Blame it on the seagull”, by Julie Engaas

Synopsis: Blame it on the Seagull is an animated documentary about and with Pelle Sandstrak. He tells the story of when he in his teens got the first signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Tourettes Syndrome.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there! The entrance is free!!

Shortcutz Berlin #109 Session – Wednesday, April 15th


The third round of competition shorts of the month of April is here! The shorts this week are the following:

Short #1: “A Composer”, by Daniel Kötter

Synopsis: Daniel Kötter’s single take film “A Composer” documents a car ride by Lebanese composer Zad Moultaka, re-imagining a story that happened 10 years ago, when Moultaka was threatened for using the word “Israel” in one of his compositions. The political situation of his home country, its psycho-geography and the conditions of artistic practice in the Middle East, all this superimposed in the protagonist’s imagination. A film documenting the assimilation of past and present reflected in the recording situation.

More info about Daniel’s work at his website here.

Short #2: “Substanz”, by Sebastian Mez

Synopsis: Working with footage that the filmmaker captured in Japan 2011 right after an unimaginable catastrophe hit the country, this cinematic composition examine the randomness and distance of the footage itself, in order to attain a new level of perception by overlapping image and sound and therefore recreating a sensation of being lost in a foreign country under state of emergency.

More info about Sebastian’s work in his website here.

The Special Guest is York-Fabian Raabe, director. York was the Winner of the Year of the Shortcutz Berlin Awards back in 2011! Find more about his work here.

Guest short: “Zwischen Himmel und Erde“, by York-Fabian Raabe

Synopsis: Born and raised in a township at the Ivory Coast the brothers Koroballa and Tiemogo experience the beauty and the terribleness of Ivorian life. The death of their father and the lack of prospects initiate Koroballa’s plan to leave his country. One night not knowing that Tiemogo is following him he sneaks into his secret getaway place, a landing gear of a plane. Before he even notices, Tiemogo and himself are trapped and his brother is not prepared at all. A story about brotherhood, freedom and the desire for a better future begins.

The entrance is FREE! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Shortctutz Berlin #108 Session – Wednesday, April 8th


The second round of competition shorts of the month of April is here! The shorts this week are the following:

Short #1: “Strangers“, by Erik Lehmann

Synopsis: A psychological thriller about a man who awakes to find himself locked up in his barricaded apartment. He has no chance of escaping. And he is not alone…

You can find more information about Erik’s work in his website, here.

Short #2: “Call of the Wild“, by Frank Hofmann

Synopsis: When the first European settlers arrived in New Zealand in the early 19th century, they introduced a variety of mammalian predetors such as rats, stoats, cats and dogs that caused ectintion of almost half of NZ’s endemic birds. In 1914 the Laughing Owl or Whekau (Maori) became extinct. 100 years later, in 2014, New Zealand artist Hayden Fowler is looking for a new and contemporary language of mourning the loss. In a unique art performance he reenacts the specimen and transforms himself into a medium of vital memory.

The Special Guest is Sol Bondy, producer with his own company One Two Films.

Guest Short: “Long Distance Call”, by Grzegorz Muskala

Synopsis: Henry picks up the phone at night. His wife is on the other side of the world on a beach, drunk and apparently with another man. In the frantic calls that follow, is it his marriage, his wife or his sanity that is most under threat? All Henry can do is hang on the phone.

Check the complete details of the screening in our website:

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

The entrance is free!!

Shortcutz Berlin #107 Session – Wednesday, April 1st


The first round of competition shorts of the month of April is here! The shorts this week are the following:

Short #1: “Berlin Troika“, by Andrej Gontcharov

Synopsis: During a stormy night of grave political crisis, an expert interpreter suffers a nervous breakdown. Young diplomat Konrad Gelb is recruited to step in and interpret between the two conflicting superpower leaders, who seem to hold the fate of humanity in their hands – an absurd responsibility, which by extension rests on the shoulders of the young interpreter. He must balance the oversized egos in the room and maneuver the world’s destiny to either peaceful resolution or total annihilation.

Short #2: “Time in Depth”, by Torsten Lang

Synopsis: TIME IN-DEPTH is a music video for the Berlin based band Excessive Visage, whose extraordinary musical journeys get extended by another dimension in this animation piece. It tells the story of a child, rejected by her drug addicted mother and who tries to find a new family in a bunch of weird fellows sitting in the forest by the fire. Unexperienced in social manners she blunderingly chooses to try out devious feints to make these poor outlaws dependent on her.
And then she has to stick with the plan…

The Special Guest is Senny Rapoport, photographer and filmmaker. More info about his work here.

We will have two Guest Shorts:

Simjonov“, by Senny Rapoport

Synopsis: Mr. Simjonov has a visit from two representers of his bank, they bring bad news, Simjonov is going to loose his apartment for not being able to pay the mortgage. But the the bunkers do not imagine how far the Russian welcoming spirit can go.

Skype“, Senny Rapoport

Synopsis: This short will try to quickly explain how to use Skype calls and bring a little example to what pleasant, and unpleasant situations it might bring.

Check the complete details of the screening in our website:

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

The entrance is free!!

Shortcutz Berlin – Winner of the Month of March 2015

The Winner of the Month of March is “Disruptions”, by Felipe Frozza and Ulrike Fläming! Congratulations to both. The Prize: 1 month free DVD rental at the Filmkunst Bar Fitzcarraldo for each of them! Congratulations to both!



Synopsis: “Disruptions” deals with the difficulties of movement in a real conflict situation.A dancer starts developing a choreography in front of the wall between Israel and Palestine, but the adverse circumstances prevent its completion.

Shortcutz Berlin #106 – Winner Session: March 25th


The last screening of the month is coming this Wednesday – we are waiting for all of you!!

It is also the “Winner Session” of March and we will announce and screen the winner short of this month, voted by our jury!

The shorts running for competition this month are:

Short #1: “Üto”, by David Buob
Short #2: “Blur Blue”, by Sonja Polligkeit
Short #3: “Taipei Recyclers”, by Nikki Schuester
Short #4: “Cat and Mouse”, by Anthony Straeger
Short #5: “Disruptions”, by Felipe Frozza and Ulrike Fläming
Short #6:”Macramé”, by Maria Steinmetz

The Guest Short is “Roadtrip” , by Xaver Xylophon

The Special Guest of the evening is Matteo Cassese, a consultant and entrepreneur passionate about innovation and technology and founder/organiser of the Berlin Video Meetup.

Find more about his work at the website:

The program speaks for itself, so…. what are you waiting for?

See you all there!