Mesdames and Messieurs, Damoiselles and Damoiseaux, time has come for us to finally reveal the identity of our Winners for last year’s competition. We know tension has been terrible and climbing and climbing and climbing. But now, it is time for the drums to roll…

Best EditingBeatrice Babin for “Success

Jury Statement:
“The film is impressive and reminds us of the know-it-all cults, promising happiness and wealth as long as one subscribes to their procedures. The grotesque ending of the film is a hit below the belt – and so it should be. The excellent editing pursues, follows and strives to the end.”
Jan Harlan

Best Screenplay: Petra Lüschow for “Der kleine Nazi

Jury Statement:
“Petra Lüschows Comedy against forgetting and handicapped/disabled prejudices, is going stringent to family and social exposing.
The Story concerning several generations/ intergenerational offers in 14 Minutes surprising turns and comes along marvelously ambiguous.
Deception and blindness in Exaggeration, against collective forgetting and suppression. Nevertheless it is entertaining.”
Thorid Zänker

Best Experimental Short: “Beine Brechen” by Florian Krautkrämer

Jury Statement:
“Florian Krautkrämmer combines contemporary pictorial composition with silent movie elements. He does this – despite a rather foreseeable plot – in a very skilled and entertaining manner. Giving the audience a rewarding insight of his creative potential.”
Florian Rosenbauer

Best Animation Short: “Repitu” by Jana Richtmeyer

Jury Statement:
“The surprising affective power of fabrication implicit in all animation is foregrounded in Jana Richtmeyer¹s 5-and-a-half-minute film. By celebrating the simplicity of its means, based mainly in the contrast between line-drawing and the constructed miniature paper spaces upon which those drawings are superimposed, the film allows those two levels of creation and (im)materiality to interact in a charming and even moving way to tell the story of a beloved pet that gets away, is lost, and then is saved against all odds.”
Robin Curtis

Best Art Direction: Max Eichenlaub for “Jonah and the Vicarious Nature of Homesickness

Jury Statement:
“Outstanding creative, beautifully shot and narrated fairytale.”
Florian Rosenbauer

Best Actor: Christoph Glaubacker for “Reif

Jury Statement:
“In ‘Reif’ Christoph Glaubacker gives a strong and subtle performance as a nerdy student who is afraid of his feelings and his problems of dealing with his female fellow student. He leads the film with his sensitive way of acting and is very interesting to watch. An actor to look out for !”
Christian Kahrmann

Best Actress: Marina Weis for “Hinterhof

Jury Statement:
“The performance of Marina Weis in “Hinterhof” is vivid, intense while provaling sensitivity in the same breath. She plays an agreived lonely woman obsessed by her feelings of love and desperation. Marina Weis awakes the longing, pain and joy her character lives through. In each scene she shows an other aspect of “Clarissa” and reveals a lifestory – a convincing and touching classic piece of acting.”
Alice Flotron

Best Photography: Max Preiss for “Manolo

Jury Statement:
“Max convinces us in Manolo of his deep love for film. His visually stunning camera work will hopefully give shape to many more stories.”
Alec Crichton

Best Original Music: Andreas Lange for “Repitu

Jury Statement:
“Andreas Lange´s score in “Repitu” supports the main characters feelings, underlines the atmosphere and creates suspence. The music opens a window to the spectators emotions and invites one into the world of the short film.”
Alice Flotron

Best Visual/Special Effects: Felix von Seefranz for “Jonah and the Vicarious Nature of Homesickness

Jury Statement:
“The surreal story concentrates on its character, who’s inner world is emphasized by the creative setting, a whole universe, where hardly anybody else seems to fit.”
Alec Crichton

Best Director: Zubin Sethna for “Wie Immer

Jury Statement:
“An outstanding short film and a great achievement to draw two people so clearly in their present truth. I say two people, since the apparently small part of the hairdresser is turned with few words and gestures into an important supporting role of the truly caring woman. The director absorbs script and acting ability completely and proves great talent as a filmmaker.”
Jan Harlan

Best Short of the Year: “Zwischen Himmel und Erde” by York-Fabian Raabe

Jury Statement:
“We live in a world, where individuals follow their goals, societies compete in economies and money flows through systems, but not through everybody’s hands. What we have written down as ‘human rights’ in words and phrases, has yet to see the light of day. A day where money is distributed wisely and fairly, in order to give every individual the chance to fulfill their unique ideas, investing into their society and into the future of those they love.
There is no border, that the human drive for freedom will not cross.”

It took a world of wars to understand a fundamental law:
‘The recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable
rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom,
justice and peace in the world.’  — Preamble to the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights, 1948″
Alec Crichton

Our thanks go to all and each and every one that  made our first year what it was. We had a great time together and hope to have some more on the years to come! Enjoy, smile and laugh,  come around again and, please, don’t hesitate to submit your movies!


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