EFFTER were formed by Frank F and JQR.  Both from Milan  they met in Berlin  in the summer of 2009. Their music is a mixture of Frank F and JQR’s musical backgrounds combined with the current electronic wave to create a brand new sound. In addition to electronic atmospheres and an enormous range of music (from metal and noise to electro, breakcore, etc.), EFFTER are inspired by poetry, cinema, literature, psychology and more. In March 2012 Effter launched a new project entitled “EffterStudio“. Frank F and JQR write songs, atmospheres, ambience for drama-thriller-horror movies and videogames that need a dark and ominous sound.




Alfred Moliere

Grand grand very grand son of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (aka Moliere), Alfred is born and bread in a world where entertainment was a religion, public the highest judge and doctors Charlatans. Influenced by his upbringing, but to rebel to embrace it Alfred left the noble stage to follow is own dream: get those booty shaking!


Yellow Dimension (Your Mom’s)  tech-house, house and funk/disco

French DJ, guitarist, tech geek and producer, Yellow Dimension (Your Mom’s) lives in Berlin, Kreuzberg. His mixes show his tech skills and his music tastes ranging from disco and funk to tech-house and straight-edge techno. Catch him DJing in Paris or Berlin at RAW, Urban Spree, ZMF or Flamingo among other venues.


Maui bass

Born in 1985 in sunny Lisbon, Portugal, now living in Berlin, Germany. Likes to keep it simple and doesn’t mind mixing genres, is only concern is the bass. Currently working on a following EP do his 2012 release “Useless”, exploring different sounds and doing music that he loves instead of focusing on genres.

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