On January 27th, Shortcutz Berlin will invest the .HBC for celebrating one year of screenings, 34 weekly sessions, 52 competition shorts and hours of cosy watching and talking film and video.

More than our very first annual award ceremony, the Shortcutz Berlin Awards 2011 are a way to thank all the great people that made our first year together possible.

So, here it is: THANK YOU!

Thank you filmmakers of Berlin, for being active, and creative and for submitting and sharing your works with us! Thank you busy Jury for watching all the works and for taking all these tough decisions. Thank you wonderful audience for showing up EVERY bloody week and staying loyal. Thank you again beautiful audience for wondering, questioning and participating. Thank you Special Guests for accepting our invitation and for presenting and sharing your work and experience with us! Thank you all! for following and supporting us and for helping to make Shortcutz Berlin happen!

What is to be expected? An award ceremony during which not only the Best Short of the Year 2011 will be rewarded but also the best work in 11 other categories.


      – Best Short of the Year
Best Experimental Short
Best Animation Short
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Screenplay
Best Photography
Best Editing
Best Visual/Special Effects
Best Art Direction
Best Original Music


And then, after the last award as been given out, it will be time to party together like it’s 1999. Be prepared for a special line up of drinks and DJs.

Watch out for the full list of nominees.

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