A Shortcutz Berlin’s Session always follow the same ritual: first a screening and then a discussion, an exchange between the room and the stage.

And as always, this Session started by the screening of the first Competition Short, “Manolo“. But this time, Pierre Daymé, our host, had the infinite pleasure to welcome not one but two crew members on stage: Max Preiss (left) and Robert Bohrer (center), respectively cameraman and director of “Manolo“.

Questions were asked and answered, laughters echoed in the room and it was time for the second Competition Short of the evening to be screened. “Märchendising” by Johanna Ickert.

Third on stage was Luci Westphal and her “In A Berlin Minute“, a weekly one-minute video documentary serie she has created when she came to Berlin a year ago.

And at last, the evening could close on the last short of the week, the Guest Short of the week, “My Happy End” by Milen Vitanov. For the occasion, Milen Vitanov (center) came with Dennis Rettkowski (left), “My Happy End“‘s technical director.


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