Our Jury is made of a collective of renowned professionals of diverse backgrounds, from cinema to music, from producers to journalists, from mainstream to avant-garde – the ideal mix of contemporary opinion makers. Some of them are ‘well known faces’ to help the public connect and identify with the project.


Christoph Brandl Jan Harlan Marion Pfaus Richard Schut Sandra Nedeleff
Bart Sammut - Copy
Florian Rosenbauer - Copy

Thorid Zänker

Thorid Zänker has been working as a director and a librarian for more than 15 years at the Deutsche Kinemathek. Thorid is also part of Europe´s first self-organised film school filmArche.

We thank all our jury members for their time, their collaboration and their goodwill.


One thought on “Jury

  1. shrapnel77 says:

    Good luck with the decision. We will have our fingers crossed for The Bet… We hope win or lose that you enjoy our short.

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