Shortcutz Berlin – Focus Filmmaking October 20th


Hello everybody!
Shortcutz Berlin welcomes everybody to the next event with the theme: Focus Filmmaking!

Short #1: “[Out of fra]me”, Sophie Linnenbaum
Fiction, 19 min

Synopsis: Paul, who since childhood has always existed just out of frame, joins a support group for people afflicted by cinematic maladies. There he meets a girl who might be the solution to his problem.

Short #2: “What happens in your brain if you see a german word like?”, Zora Rux
Fiction/Animation, 5 min

Synopsis: The German language is very flexible: one can simply string words together in order to create new ones. Director Zora Rux blends animation and live-action in order to make a humorous account of what happens inside the brain of a man reading an extremely complex word. Gently mocking intellectual language, the film investigates how different language structures affect the way we think.

The Special Guest of the evening is Leonard Leiter. Born in 1984 in Bolzano, IT, Lenny Leiter graduated from the University of Applied Sciences with a Masters degree in Media Technology. In 2007/08 he spent a year in Los Angeles, CA, to study film at California State University as well as to complete an internship as the assistant to Hollywood-legend Peter Bogdanovich. Since his graduation he works as a freelance writer & director for various clients. Over the last years he made a variety of commercial as well as non-commercial films and also collected a remarkable collection of awards at different international film festivals (incl. the Silver Ace Award at the Las Vegas Film Festival, the Austrian National Award and the Grand Prix Victoria at the Int. Economy Film Festival).
Lenny will be showing the following short:

Short #3: “I’m Sorry”
Fiction, 14 min

Synopsis: After a boozed night Simon finds himself with a bizarre situation provoked by his girlfriend Sophie. They have to leave the ruined hotel room immediately, because there is no time to lose. Their controversial journey goes on while the situation escalates more and more.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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