Shortcutz Berlin – Focus Refugees/War September 30th


Hello everybody!

Shortcutz Berlin is back with the first of its MONTHLY screenings. There are no shorts in competition, all of them are guests.

Without further explanations, we invite you all to Shortcutz Berlin Focus Refugees/War with the following program:

Short #1: “Suleima”, Jalal Maghout
Animation/Documentary, 15 min

Synopsis: Suleima is a woman who has been a part of the Syrian revolution since its beginning. Twice detained, she states : “I’d rather die than see someone arrested without trying to help.”

Short #2: “Volunteer”, by Luly Glez
Documentary, 21 min

Synopsis: August 2015: After a refugee camp opens in his neighborhood in Berlin, Bernd Pickert, journalist at taz newspaper, starts a workshop repairing bicicles in the camp. More german volunteers join. No need for a lot of words, Germans and refugees working together is all that matters.

The Special Guest is Bernd Pickert himself! Bernd works since 1994 in the taz newspaper, with focus on USA, Latin America and Human Rights. Recently he became part of the jury of the taz Panter Prize, which recognizes people who show great dedication to help others. Bernd will talk about his experience in this documentary and the project with the refugees.

As usual, the event is FREE ENTRANCE. Looking Forward to seing you all there!

#Refugeeswelcome #Stopwar

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