Shortcutz Berlin Special Screening – November 22nd

Hello everyone!

Shortcutz Berlin is ready for another special screening – this time the focus is on Shortcutz Xpress Viseu!

As part of our aim to promote the circulation of different short films from the different Shortcutz cities, Shortcutz Xpress Viseu select one very special shorts for our next screening:

– “Mulher.Mar“, by Filipe Pinto and Pedro Pinto +

Synopsis: Maria is lost in deep absence. She has decided to become the only fisher woman in a very traditional community in order to take the place that once belonged to her deceased brother.
Woman.Wave is a journey to the places of uncertainty and death. This is a film about a human being who abandons herself to compensate the absence of those who have already gone.

Mulher.Mar was the winner of this year’s Awards at Shortcutz Xpress Viseu.
Shortcutz Viseu has been promoting Portuguese short films for over 2 years now and is the 3rd city in Portugal where Shortcutz exists.

Mulher Mar

The Special Guest is Interfilm with two special sections of the festival:

– Confrontations online award 1st prize winner – “Shok“, by Jamie Donoughue,

SynopsisThe friendship of two boys is tested when, caught in the grips of the Kosovo war, they must both fight for survival.


– Green film online award 1st prize winner – “El Mostro, la coraggiosa storia di Gabriele“, by Salvatore Restivo, Lucio Schiavon

SynopsisGabriele Bortolozzo is a modern hero in a fight against the toxic waste produced by Petrolchimico in Marghara, a chemicals plant near Venice.


Please note that the venue is Z-Bar Berlin, in Bergstr. 2. As usual, the event is FREE ENTRANCE.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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