Shortcutz Berlin special screening – 29th October 2015

Hello everybody!
Shortcutz Berlin is back with a special screening showcasing a selection of some of the best shorts from Shortcutz Amsterdam – 3 Monthly Winners of 2015.
As part of our aim to promote the circulation of different short films from the different Shortcutz cities, we invited Shortcutz Amsterdam to select the shorts for our next screening.The program consists of the following shorts:

– “Rotor“, by Maarten Groen – February Winner 2015

Synopsis: A lone night security guard in an eerie factory sees an intruder on one of the monitors and goes to investigate, not realizing his actions have triggered a series of events which will lead to terrible consequences.

– “Egzul – Exile“, by Piotr Bartos & Agata Bartos – April Winner 2015

Synopsis: Ezgul works to eat. Eat to work. And when he doesn’t eat and work he looks at the moon.

– “Groen“, by Lucas Camps – September Winner 2015

Synopsis: Absurdistic comedy about a boy who stumbles upon a group of people who are waiting for an ever-lasting red traffic light and refuse to let him pass.


Shortcutz Amsterdam has been promoting Dutch short films for over 2 years now – come and check the 3 shorts selected for you and enjoy a little bit of The Netherlands in Berlin!

The Special Guest is the Spanisches Filmfest Berlin, which took place earlier this month (6-11 October). The festival is in its 4th edition and brings a great selection of Spanish feature and short films to Berlin every year.
The director of the festival, Santiago Gomez Rojas, will bring and present the 2 winner shorts from this year’s edition:

– “A perro flaco“, Laura Ferrés – second prize winner

Synopsis: Leo is a loser and her life is chaos. Everyone knows it although she tries to hide it. So, when her mother has no other option but to leave her dog Jana under her charge, Leo sees the opportunity to demonstrate she can be responsible.

– “40 Aniversario“, J. Enrique Sánchez – first prize winner

Synopsis: Forty years of marriage is time for a lot of things. Sometimes too many things.


Please note that the venue is Z-Bar Berlin, in Bergstr. 2. As usual, the event is FREE ENTRANCE.

Looking forwardo to seeing you all there!


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