Shortcutz Berlin #114 Session – May 20th


The third round of competition shorts of the month of May is here! The shorts are the following:

Short #1: “Rien ne va plus“, by Marc Schmidheiny & Christoph Daniel

Synopsis: It’s every professional gambler’s dream: getting rid that stupid luck that helps amateurs win nevertheless. But when you have it at gunpoint, be sure to pull the trigger – because if don’t you’ll learn it the hard way: don’t fuck with luck!

Short #2: “Micki “, by Alexander Lahl & Izabela Plucinska

Synopsis: For love, an 18 years old girl tries to escape across the Berlin Wall. As she has only a few meters still to climb, the story comes to a tragical end. A true story.

The special guest is Rick Minnich, American independent filmmaker based in Berlin.

Rick Minnich has been writing, directing and producing shorts and feature documentaries since 1993 in association with various German broadcasters, film funds, and production companies. His award-winning films include: “Heaven on Earth” or  “Homemade Hillbilly Jam”. Rick recently premiered the film “The Bomb Hunters”. Watch the trailer here.

Rick will show, among other things, an excerpt of “The Bomb Hunters” and his most recent “The Strait Guys” trailer (work-in-progress). More information about Rick´s work at his website here.

As guest shorts we will have “The Godfather of Bubbles” and “Bubble Birthday”, by Rick Minnich.


We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

As always, the event has no entrance fee – it is FREE ENTRANCE!


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