Shortcutz Berlin #113 Session – May 13th


we are ready for the second round of competition shorts of the month of May! What about you?
The shorts this week are the following:

Short #1: “Love, Yesterday”, by Joya Thome

Synopsis: Hannah goes to see Mika, who has just been at an award ceremony. As always, the two of them meet in his hotel room. They dance, get closer, sleep together. While Mika sleeps peacefully, Hannah roams restlessly through the nocturnal hotel room. What started as a romantic love affair becomes an enduring emptiness that Hannah desperately tries to fill.

Short #2: “Telekomando“, by Erik Schmitt

Synopsis: Volker Henk has been working for the local city authorities for years, he’s in charge of the automation of urban activities. He impressively demonstrates the myriad possibilities of his universal remote control. But when it gets stolen, the city succumbs to apocalyptic chaos.

The Special Guest is Leon Baumgartl, who co-organised the last two editions of the VELOBerlinFilmAward. When he’s not watching movies or riding his bike, he’s probably in his little analogue-spaceship-studio creating weird electronic music.

Guest Shorts:

Mianzi Rei – My Legs My Gears“, by Peter Scholl / Mark Wagner (winner of this year´s VELOBerlinFilmAward edition)

Synopsis: The film “Mianzi Rei – My Legs My Gears” is using aesthetic images to show insights into the life of Berlin cycling icon Mianzi Rei. The ex-tattoo model lives for her passion on fixed gear and road bikes. Sexy and with style! Soothing monochrome images give a glimpse into Berlins cycling scene.

“Bike ❤“, by Rick Darge

Synopsis: A bike is not only a way of transportation – it’s a good friend and loss is more than tragic.

The ENTRANCE is FREE! See you all there!!


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