Shortcutz Berlin #111 – Winner Session: Wednesday, April 29th


The Winner Session of April is finally taking place! Join us to know who the “Winner of the Month” of April is! The 8 shorts in competition were:

Short #1: “Berlin Troika”, Andrej Gontcharov
Short #2: “Time in Depth” Torsten Lang
Short #3: “Strangers”, Erik Lehmann
Short #4: Call of the Wild, Frank J. Hoffmnan
Short #5: “A Composer”, Daniel Kötter
Short #6: “Substanz”, Sebastian Mez
Short #7: “This is about senses and this is about hapiness”, Rike Hoppe
Short #8: “Licht”, Hannes Rössler

We will announce and screen the “Winner of the Month”, voted by our jury.

The Special Guest of the evening is Gianluca Baccanico, Co-director at Loophole and curator of the Boddinale Festival. Gianluca will bring the short “Pawnshop Santa _23” by Mary Ocher.

Last but not least, the Guest Short is “Hiob“, by Marco Gadge.

Synopsis: Shadows are all Commissioner Berger sees; years of delivering news of others’ deaths have made him a cynic—but now Berger’s new colleague, Martin Stern, has him completely at a loss.


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