Shortcutz Berlin #109 Session – Wednesday, April 15th


The third round of competition shorts of the month of April is here! The shorts this week are the following:

Short #1: “A Composer”, by Daniel Kötter

Synopsis: Daniel Kötter’s single take film “A Composer” documents a car ride by Lebanese composer Zad Moultaka, re-imagining a story that happened 10 years ago, when Moultaka was threatened for using the word “Israel” in one of his compositions. The political situation of his home country, its psycho-geography and the conditions of artistic practice in the Middle East, all this superimposed in the protagonist’s imagination. A film documenting the assimilation of past and present reflected in the recording situation.

More info about Daniel’s work at his website here.

Short #2: “Substanz”, by Sebastian Mez

Synopsis: Working with footage that the filmmaker captured in Japan 2011 right after an unimaginable catastrophe hit the country, this cinematic composition examine the randomness and distance of the footage itself, in order to attain a new level of perception by overlapping image and sound and therefore recreating a sensation of being lost in a foreign country under state of emergency.

More info about Sebastian’s work in his website here.

The Special Guest is York-Fabian Raabe, director. York was the Winner of the Year of the Shortcutz Berlin Awards back in 2011! Find more about his work here.

Guest short: “Zwischen Himmel und Erde“, by York-Fabian Raabe

Synopsis: Born and raised in a township at the Ivory Coast the brothers Koroballa and Tiemogo experience the beauty and the terribleness of Ivorian life. The death of their father and the lack of prospects initiate Koroballa’s plan to leave his country. One night not knowing that Tiemogo is following him he sneaks into his secret getaway place, a landing gear of a plane. Before he even notices, Tiemogo and himself are trapped and his brother is not prepared at all. A story about brotherhood, freedom and the desire for a better future begins.

The entrance is FREE! Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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