Shortcutz Berlin #107 Session – Wednesday, April 1st


The first round of competition shorts of the month of April is here! The shorts this week are the following:

Short #1: “Berlin Troika“, by Andrej Gontcharov

Synopsis: During a stormy night of grave political crisis, an expert interpreter suffers a nervous breakdown. Young diplomat Konrad Gelb is recruited to step in and interpret between the two conflicting superpower leaders, who seem to hold the fate of humanity in their hands – an absurd responsibility, which by extension rests on the shoulders of the young interpreter. He must balance the oversized egos in the room and maneuver the world’s destiny to either peaceful resolution or total annihilation.

Short #2: “Time in Depth”, by Torsten Lang

Synopsis: TIME IN-DEPTH is a music video for the Berlin based band Excessive Visage, whose extraordinary musical journeys get extended by another dimension in this animation piece. It tells the story of a child, rejected by her drug addicted mother and who tries to find a new family in a bunch of weird fellows sitting in the forest by the fire. Unexperienced in social manners she blunderingly chooses to try out devious feints to make these poor outlaws dependent on her.
And then she has to stick with the plan…

The Special Guest is Senny Rapoport, photographer and filmmaker. More info about his work here.

We will have two Guest Shorts:

Simjonov“, by Senny Rapoport

Synopsis: Mr. Simjonov has a visit from two representers of his bank, they bring bad news, Simjonov is going to loose his apartment for not being able to pay the mortgage. But the the bunkers do not imagine how far the Russian welcoming spirit can go.

Skype“, Senny Rapoport

Synopsis: This short will try to quickly explain how to use Skype calls and bring a little example to what pleasant, and unpleasant situations it might bring.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

The entrance is free!!


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