Shortcutz Berlin #106 – Winner Session: March 25th


The last screening of the month is coming this Wednesday – we are waiting for all of you!!

It is also the “Winner Session” of March and we will announce and screen the winner short of this month, voted by our jury!

The shorts running for competition this month are:

Short #1: “Üto”, by David Buob
Short #2: “Blur Blue”, by Sonja Polligkeit
Short #3: “Taipei Recyclers”, by Nikki Schuester
Short #4: “Cat and Mouse”, by Anthony Straeger
Short #5: “Disruptions”, by Felipe Frozza and Ulrike Fläming
Short #6:”Macramé”, by Maria Steinmetz

The Guest Short is “Roadtrip” , by Xaver Xylophon

The Special Guest of the evening is Matteo Cassese, a consultant and entrepreneur passionate about innovation and technology and founder/organiser of the Berlin Video Meetup.

Find more about his work at the website:

The program speaks for itself, so…. what are you waiting for?

See you all there!



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