Shortcutz Berlin #105 Session – March 18th


The third round of competition shorts of the month of March is here! The shorts this week are the following:

Short #1: “Disruptions“, by Felipe Frozza and Ulrike Fläming

Synopsis: “Disruptions” deals with the difficulties of movement in a real conflict situation.A dancer starts developing a choreography in front of the wall between Israel and Palestine, but the adverse circumstances prevent its completion.

Short #2: “Macramé“, by Maria Steinmetz

Synopsis: A young girl gets raped and gives birth to the child conceived. She is tormented by pain and hatred. Never the less, she se:les into the live with a child, learns to love it and finally is able to enjoy motherhood. Some day, the kid expresses the wish to learn to know it’s father, invoking a feeling of betrayal in it’s mother.

The Special Guest is Moritz Lehr,  musician and filmmaker, but most of all a festival programmer from Kassel, now located in Berlin. He has worked for several festivals and is now amongst other things curator of the “Decibel” programme at interfilm Berlin, which focusses on films about music, musicians and creativity in general. Moritz likes Werner Herzog, schnitzel and dogs. On good days, he also likes experimental films, but most of his free time he invests in american television.

The Guest Short is “The Light of My Eyes“, by  Daniel Holmes

Synopsis: Darren has a unique talent: he can see noise. This ability not only makes his life more colorful, but it also helps him to reconnect with an old love-affair.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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