Shortcutz Berlin #100 Session – Wednesday, December 3rd


Another round of Shortcutz Berlin is here! December has arrived and with it the last month of competition shorts of this year!
Check out the program for this Wednesday and bring all your friends along!

The competition shorts this week are:

Short #1: “Läufer”, Carolina Hellsgård

Synopsis: Amal, a 13-year-old refugee from Lebanon, deals drugs in the Hannover subway system. He lives an isolated life in an asylum home outside the city. One day he meets a young German girl called Clara, who might be his savior.
Short #2: “The Z-Question”, Sebastian Matthias Weissbach

Synopsis: In every relationship, there comes a time when you just have to figure out where all of this is going. To some it’s the first vacation, to others it’s the zombie apocalypse. But that’s not the end of the world! Well… You know…

The Special Guest is Aviv Kosloff, director

The Guest Shorts are: “Feeling Like Eric”, by Aviv Kosloff -winner of the 48 Hour Film Project Berlin 2014

LAst but not least… LET THEM EAT CAKE – for our 100th screening we will have cake for you! So please come prepared 😀

This event is, as usual, with FREE ENTRANCE!

See you all there!


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