Shortcutz Berlin #99 Winner Session – November 26th


Join us for the November “Winner Session” this Wednesday! The shorts running for the competition are:

Short #1: “Mein Sohn“, by Eliza Petkova
Short #2: “Lés Fidélites“, by Côme Ledésert
Short #3: “Temporary Discomfort“, by Simon Benro
Short #4: “Oddleif“, by Christof Bekedam and Sixten Sanne
Short #5: “Diebe” , Lauro Cress
Short #6: “Cheery-Oh“, Jan Koester

The Special Guest is Dimitris Argyriou, director & producer, art director at Shortcutz Berlin and found of New Born Short Film Agency.
He will present his award winning short film, Τhe Dinner I Το Δείπνο – A Short Film by Dimitris Argyriou and his dance film “First Contact”.

The Guest Short is “El Carro Azul“, by Valerie Heine

Synopsis: His grandmother´s death brings Hansel from San Francisco back to Cuba to take care of his brother Marcos.  The two brothers have grown apart. With the help of an old family game Hansel attempts to restore his brother’s trust that has been lost over the years.


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