Shortcutz Berlin #98 Session – November 19th


Another round of Shortcutz Berlin is here!
Check out the program for this Wednesday and bring all your friends along!

The competition shorts this week are:

Short #1: “Diebe” , Lauro Cress

Synopsis: Benny and Franz are thieves. The brothers steal jeans in shopping centers and boutique stores. Their routine involves a scam in which Benny, the younger of the two, has to play the ungrateful role of the decoy. When they encounter an overstrung shop assistant, it becomes clear to Franz that Benny’s not going to let himself be pushed around very much longer.

Short #2: “Cheery-Oh“, Jan Koester

Synopsis: The band Seeed tries to survive in a weird garden full of strange surprises.

The Special Guest is Michael Rittmannsberger, director based in Berlin and Vienna who works in cinema and advertising.

More information about Michael´s work in his website.

The Guest Shorts are:

“ABGESTEMPELT” by Michael Rittmannsberger

Synopsis: After being checked by the police, a young father of Arabic origin fails to explain the situation to his son – unaware that the most inexplicable happenings are yet to come.

“SISTER”, by Michael Rittmannsberger

Synopsis: story of loss, narrated with simple methods of slow motion.

This event is, as usual, with FREE ENTRANCE!

See you all there!


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