Shortcutz Berlin #96 Session – Wednesday, November 5th


Another Shortcutz Berlin session is coming! We are starting the month of November with a new competition. The competition shorts this week are:

Short #1: “Mein Sohn“, by Eliza Petkova

Synopsis: A Documentary fiction short film about the expectations of a couple and the decisions of their son.

Watch the trailer here.
Short #2: “Lés Fidélites“, by Côme Ledésert

Synopsis: A mother tries to find a better job and moves back to France, her home country, but her daughter is not happy in Paris.

Watch the trailer here.

The Special Guest is Andrea Schwemmer, programmer of the precious International Short Film Festival Berlin.

As Guest Short we will have Na wewe“, by Ivan Goldschmidt. This short was the winner of the interfilm Berlin´s 2nd prize in the category “Confrontations – against Violence and Intolerance” from 2010. You can watch the trailer here.

Synopsis: Tutsi, Hutu or U2? A military conflict in the African Civil War culminates in a farce about the absurdity of ethnic conflict.

And, remember: The entrance is FREE. Please feel free to spread the event and bring your friends along!

See you on Wednesday!


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