Shortcutz Berlin #95 – Winner Session – Wednesday, October 29th


The last screening of October is here! Find out who the “Winner of the Month” of Shortcutz Berlin is – join us on Wednesday and you´ll get to watch it!
The shorts running for competition this month are:

Short #1: “The Elevator”, by Zuzanna Grajzer
Short #2: “Aesthetic Rebellion”, by Vera Ziegler
Short #3: “Dis”, by Sverre Ayne
Short #4: “Fliegen”, by Katharina Woll
Short #5: “Ente und Anfang”, by Rike Hoppe
Short #6: “Marlene und Liv”, by Tatjana Scheel

The Guest Short is “Mila Caos“, by Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau

Synopsis: Sebastian, a 17-year-old Cuban, transforms himself at weekends on illegal drag shows in the suburbs of Havana in Mila Caos“. He suffers from the feigned indifference of his mother and dreams that one day she sees him on stage.

The Special Guest of the evening is KINOMATIC, an App that is a way to sketch in video wherever you are – whether you don’t have your full kit, but you do have your phone in your pocket just when something happens, you need to grab some b-roll fast or you’re in the middle of a big film project and you want to quickly shoot and collate some ideas/shots/experiments.

Don´t forget – the entrance is FREE!  Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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