Shortcutz Berlin #94 Session – October 22nd

Hello everyone!
The last 2 shorts in competition in October are going to be screened this Wednesday! They are:

Ente und Anfang“, by Rike Hoppe

Synopsis: A father explains his daughter how life works. As he can see, it doesn’t at all.

Marlene und Liv“, by Tatjana Scheel
Synopsis: Berlin. Two people in love. One of them is leaving.

The Special Guest of the evening is Thomas Zandegiacomo, from Zebra Poetry Film Festival. The festival took place last week and Thomas is bringing us 3 of the winners:

The Aegean or the Anus of Death, by Eleni Gioti (Greece 2014), 7:30 min
Poem: The Aegean or the Anus of Death  by Jazra Khaleed
La’eb Al Nard / The Dice Player, by Nissmah Roshdy (Egypt 2013), 3 min
Poem: La’eb Al Nard  by Mahmoud Darwish
Pipene / The Pipes, Kristian Pedersen (Norway 2014), 3 min,
Poem: Pipene by Øyvind Rimbereid
The producer of the film The Pipes will be present with us at Shortcutz Berlin too!
Looking forward to seeing u there!

The entrance is FREE! Come and bring all your friends/family 🙂


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