Shortcutz Berlin #93 Session – October 15th


The competition shorts this week are:

Short #1: “Dis“, by Sverre Ayne

Synopsis: An old woman recreates memories of a lost love through the smell of his clothes.

Short #2: “Fliegen“, by KatharinaWoll

Synopsis: Ten year old Jonas lives with his ill mother in a small two bedroom apartment. One day he watches from his window as a circus troupe passes by. Later he comes across the troupe again. This time he follows them through the suburbs and is lead into a strange and fascinating world.

The Special Guest is Alexei Dmitrev , filmmaker-curator. one of the busiest figures in the international circus of film festivals. His films were screened at over 300 festivals, including Tribeca and Tampere. He will screen the following shorts:

– The Shadow of Your Smile! (2014)
– Hermeneutics! (2012)
– Abstract?! (2009)
– Dubus (2005)

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

The entrance is FREE.


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