Shortcutz Berlin #89 Session – May 14th



Another round of new competition shortcutz Berlin is here ! The program for the evening is as follows:

Comp Short #1: “Half you met my girlfriend“, by Nicolas de Leval Jezierski

Synopsis: Annoyed by his constantly talking girlfriend, a young man flees into a dream world. But these colorful fantasties are only half as nice as he imagined.

Comp Short #2: “Woanders“, by Nossa Schäfer

Synopsis: Julia, 21, is drifting from one job to another. Today she starts a new one. As nightshift at Gabi´s, a woman suffering from multiple sclerosis and in need for care all day and night. The time at Gabi´s seems endless and while Gabi is sleeping, Julia makes a decision she is not so sure about later.

The Special Guest is Talking Animals, an animation studio based in Berlin.  Talking Animals is a group of young, award-winning animation and sound design professionals specializing in edgy, high-end filmmaking that’s unsurpassed. Established in 2009, Talking Animals is home to 14 animators and 2 musicians/sound designers, each with our own specialty and style of design. We love working with clients who have ambitious, unique projects. Sonja Rohleder and Gregor Dashuber will be with us to talk a bit about Talking Animals and will show us some of their work!

They will bring not one but three shorts “Out of Competition“:

– “Dame mit Hund”, by Sonja Rohleder
– “Wandernd Haus voll Vogelwasser”, by Veronika Samartseva (This was a competition short in Shortcutz Berlin back in Deceber 6th 2012)
– “Sie so, Er so” by, Gregor Dashuber



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