Shortcutz Berlin #88 Session – May 7th


Another month starts and we get a new competition goin on! The program for the evening is as follows:

Comp Short #1: “Die Fliehkraft des Kometen“, by Felix Ahrens

Synopsis: Comet is old but younger than his generation. Every night he goes to Berlin Scene clubs rhythmic techno music hunt. On what it seeks, are the young People of his party environment: He needs their energy! The portrait of a lonely man who is not lonely.

Comp Short #2: Evil Twin, by Christian Pfeil

Synopsis:A group of gangsters get their hands on a teleportation device bringing with it endless possibilities. The group splits into good and bad. And now the fight begins!

Watch the trailer here!

The Special Guest is Richard Schut, from the 48h Film Project Berlin

Richard Schut organizes the 48 Hour Film Project in the Netherlands and Germany (Berlin). 48 Hour Film Project is an international filmcompetition in which 45.000+ filmmakers in more then 120 cities make a short movie within 48 hour. All movies include a prop, a character and a line of dialogue the filmmakers hear on friday night at the start of the 48 hour.

His newest project is the 48 Days Film Project, where teams of filmmakers create feature films together in only 48 days. A trailer of the 48 days film 2013 is here.

Out of Competition Short: No Guts!” by Melvin Simons and Jon Karthaus, the 48 Hour Amsterdam 2013 winner and “Winner of the Month” of March at Shortcutz Amsterdam!!

Synopsis: Conservative Joop is shocked when he finds his son (Tom) completely beaten up. Tom takes this opportunity to confront his father with a secret about himself. Maybe Joop doesn’t know his children as well as he thought he did.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!



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