Shortcutz Berlin #87 Winner Session – April 30th

WINNERSESSIONWinner Session of April is here! Check out the competition shorts this month:

Short #1: “The Document“, by Erik Lehmann
Short #2: “Back – A Tale of Romance and Necromancy“
Short #3: “Goin’ Home“, by Talin Seigmann
Short #4: “Unpaved“, by Lukas Feigelfeld
Short #5: “Abdullah“, by Jakob Besuch
Short #6: “Pfandfrei”, by Nicolai Wolf
Short #7: “Dann is’ es halt so“, by Jan Soldat
Short #8: “Spuren von Morgen”, by Fabiano Mixo

The Winner of th Month of April (voted by our jury) will be screened once more!

The Out of Competition Short is “Heimkommen“, by Micah Magee

The Special Guest of the evening is GUTS FOR CHANGE. Guts for Change started with a bike tour of one woman and three men that cycled all the way from Germany to India. 10.000 kilometers and 11 countries in 5 months – all for a good cause!

They wanted to draw attention to the global sanitation crisis and raise funds for a dry toilet project in rural India. Worldwide 2.6 billion people don’t have access to sanitary facilities, therefrom more than 700 million in India! With their campaign Guts for Change wants to make an Indian village open defecation free and inspire others to “be the change they want to see in the world”!

Johann Angermann will be with us at the screening to explain what this project is about and will be screening something just fur us!

Looking forward to seeing you all there! And don’t forget: it’s FREE ENTRANCE!


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