Shortcutz Berlin #86 Session – April 23rd




Another round of Shortcutz Berlin is taking place this week! This is also the last round of competition shorts for the month of April! Check out the program:

Competition Short #1Dann is’ es halt so“, by Jan Soldat

Synopsis:  At the end of the tenth class, there has to be a decision. Working at the supermarket? To blow up the litte bridge? Or still becoming an actor?


Competition Short #2: Spuren von Morgen“, by Fabiano Mixo

Synopsis: A day of many days in the life of a couple about to reveal their secrets,  ‘Traces’ shows the intimate and hidden beauty of daily life and the ordinary.

The Special Guest is Maxim Cirlan, Filmmaker. Maxim will talk to us about his work experience as a director and about his current work .  Find more info about Maxim in his website, here.

The Out of Competition Short is Now You Know“, by Maxim Cirlan.

Synopsis: The film “Philadelphia” turns a movie evening into a long confession night for two new male lovers. A sarcastic joke on AIDS triggers one of them to reveal his secret. But is it the only one?

Looking forward to seeing you all there!



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