Shortcutz Berlin #85 Session – April 16th

Another round of Shortcutz Berlin is taking place this week! Please check the program for the evening: SCBerlin_Program85

Competition Short #1: “ Abdullah, by Jakob Besuch

Synopsis:  Abdullah grew up as the son of a migrant family. Being part of the music scene he starts increasing his consumption of marijuana until he faces a psychosis. At the hospital he feels recognized by a psychologist who supports his way back to life.

Competition Short #2: “Pfandfrei“, by Nicolai Wolf

Synopsis: Eight men, one empty bottle, no questions asked.

The Special Guest is New Born Short Film Agency, created by Dimitris Argyriou

The Out of Competition Short is Birthday Surprise“, by Konstantinos Mousoulis

Synopsis: A young, attractive woman is anxiously getting ready to welcome the unstable and dangerous crime figure, Jack Anderson as his birthday present. When Jack arrives drunk and discovers his birthday surprise his reaction is both warm and cold. The young woman plays her game of seduction as delicately as possible. Unaware of Jack’s true intentions, the coming few minutes will be the most dangerous of her life, until she manages to get him where she wants so she can reveal her true intentions.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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