Shortcutz Berlin #83 Session – April 2nd

SCBerlin_ProgramApril 2ndFINAL

We start the month of April with a great selection of short films for you! The program for Wednesday is as follows:

Competition Short #1: “The Document“, by Erik Lehmann

Synopsis: 1916. During First World War the middlemen of three Germans, who secretly operated for the French, get caught. Hunted for their treason, they try to take refuge in France.

You can watch the trailer here.

Competition Short #2: “Back – A Tale of Romance and Necromancy “, Sebastian-Matthias Weissbach

Synopsis: Wilson and Abigail are young and in love, even death cannot part them. Or so Wilson thinks and makes every effort to be reunited with Abigail, but the dead can be tricky sometimes – a poetic journey.

You can watch this short here.

The Special Guest of the evening is Kay Abaño, filmmaker.

Kay Abaño earned her degree in Fine Arts specializing in Visual Communication at the University of the Philippines. She worked as a Production Designer for film, television and advertising for several years, during which time she won a prestigious award for Best Production Design in a feature film. In 2004, Kay left for Madrid, Spain to study Cinematography. Three years later, she found herself involved with the Filipino migrant community in Barcelona. From her work and personal relations with the community, and from her own experiences as an immigrant, she developed a special interest in migration and questions of human displacement in general. She has since been exploring new ways of creating and expressing her ideas through film and photography.

The Out of Competition Short is “Routes“, by Kay Abaño

Synopsis: goes on a journey with two young Filipinos who have decided to leave their country and go for their dreams. Just as in life, they follow a path that is in part a conscious choice, and in part, destiny. As we travel with them, we are confronted with questions about making the right choices, the reasons we make them, the consequences of our actions and where these can take us. And as they reach their destination, we are then confronted with questions of “home” – how much of it we take with us, and what we have to leave behind. The film asks us to listen intently to their stories, to imagine the paths they’ve taken and the choices they’ve made as we contemplate a vision of what is to become their common destination.

You can watch the trailer here.

Don’t forget, the entrance is FREE!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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