Shortcutz Berlin #82 Winner Session – March 26th


One more month full of competition shorts has come to an end – now it is time to reveal the “Winner of the Month” of March!
The  shorts running in the competition this month were:

Short #1: “Grimm”, by Günther Franke
Short #2: “Unten Durch”, by Gregor Cunningham
Short #3: “No Room Left”, by Felipe Frozza
Short #4: “Hec Tic Tac”, by Dave Lojek
Short #5: “Romy, ich bin krank”, by Andreas Grützner
Short #6: “Born!”, by Özgür Özcan

The “Winner of the Month” is voted by our jury. One of the above mentioned shorts will get the distintion and will be screened once more.

The Out of Competition short is “Moritz and the Woodwose”, by Bryn Chainey. You can watch the trailer here.

The Special Guest is another short film festival: British Shorts Film Festival.

The entrance is, as usual, FREE! Come and bring all your friends!!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!!


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