Shortcutz Berlin #81 Session – March 19th


Last  round of Competition Shorts  is taking place this week! The program is as follows:

Short #1: “Romy, ich bin krank “, by Andreas Grützner

Synopsis: Juergen Vollmer met The Beatles 1960 in Hamburg music club Kaiserkeller. They hung around together, Vollmer started photographing them and when they met again in Paris, The Beatles insisted to get his haircut. Narrow-minded Hamburg in the 50th and 60th made him escape to Paris. He took pictures of beatniks while having sex, moved on to New York and L.A., where he started his career as set photographer on Hollywood filmsets (J.V.: ‘It was awful most of the time’) and took picture of several stars. A montage of animated sequences, interviews and original artist photos.

More information about the short here.

Short #2: “Born!“, by Özgür Özcan

Synopsis: Born!” is a self made animation film, a story which is told in a dream scape imaginary fiction.  The apprentice of the film lives an ascension and faces with paradigmatic enigmas relating to self’s dilemmas and conflicts.

You can watch this short here.

The Special Guest of the evening is Lorenz Christian Köhler, director of Drehbühne Berlin. Lorenz will show a bit of his last project “Verrückte Zeiten – Eine Hommage an Charlie Chaplin”. You can see a little trailer here.

Looking forward to seeing you all there for another great evening!


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