Shortcutz Berlin #80 Session – March 12th


Another round of Shortcutz Berlin is taking place this week! The shorts in competition are:

Short #1: “No room left “, by Felipe Frozza

Synopsis: NO ROOM LEFT is a site specific experimental film that starts with elements of documentary and develops into a surrealistic narrative based on a real context. Using the actual renovation of an apartment in Berlin Kreuzberg, a neighborhood affected by a fast process of gentrification, the film builds-up on the layers of history discovered underneath the wallpaper (urban Archeology). Separated by walls, two people work there. They don‘t talk. What is found underneath the wallpapers will define the fate of the characters.
Short #2: “Hec Tic Tac“, by Dave Lojek

Synopsis: “Wake up! My parents arrive in 20 minutes.” A young couple plays havoc with their apartment, expecting to own a better one soon. Since 90% of all accidents happen at home, you should watch this film as a warning against extreme times.

The Special Guest of the evening is Roser Corella, director.

The Out of Competition Short is: “Machine Man”, by Roser Corella & Alfonso Moral

Synopsis: A reflection on modernity and global development. The use of human physical force to perform work in the XXI century. The film takes place in the capital of Bangladesh, where the “machine men” execute different physical works, a mass of millions of people who become the driving force behind the city.


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