Shortcutz Berlin #79 Session – March 5th


It is time for us to begin our new competition of March!
The program for Wednesday is as follows:

Short #1: “Grimm“, by Günther Franke

Synopsis: A strange silence descends onto the large reading room. We are very close to the people studying as we sink into the numerous small worlds, experience micro moments and become witnesses to whispered thoughts. We see people who daydream, read, chat, and mark texts, and every one of them leaves an acoustic footprint onto the building. This collage of people studying, whispered thoughts and scientific texts becomes steadily more impenetrable and louder, until suddenly the stream of noise stops. The lights in the reading room go out abruptly and it becomes night. Yet the thoughts of the day still remain…

Short #2: “Unten Durch“, Gregor Cunningham

Synopsis: Paul wakes up with an excruciating hangover at the bottom of his stairwell and no idea how he got there. Upon entering his apartment and realizing something is wrong, he tries to piece together the fragmented memories of the night before.

The Special Guest of the evening is DIRECTORS LOUNGE, who were alredy at our screening in May 2012. It will be great to have them back!

We will have not one but several shorts Out of Competiton brought by the Directors Lounge.
Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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