Shortcutz Berlin #77 Session – February 19th


Another Wednesday and one more great program prepared for you! See below:

Competition Short #1: “Gay Goth Scene”, Kai Stänicke

Synopsis: For a young boy school is a living hell. He decided to put an end to it. Gay Goth Scene is a mixture of short film & music video that deals with a worldwide social disease: bullying.


Competition Short #2: “Das Geschenk”, Mariejosephin Schneider

Synopsis: A dispute of his parents infiltrates a boy´s dream world.

Special Guest: Lera Nicoletti, a Kasachstan-born journalist and film-maker, presenting the trailer for her project with the working name “Playing Stella”. Since this project is still in development, Lera and her crew are interested in the audience’s feedback and are very open for questions, so you are welcome to share your thoughts!

Please find more information about the film here.

Out of Competition Short: “One Line”, Dimitris Argyriou

Synopsis: “One Line” is the line, which connects the dream with the reality. “One Line” is not about the destination, but the journey. “One Line” is a puzzle, a puzzle which contains pieces of a life.

Watch the trailer here!

Looking forward to meeting you all there!


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