Shortcutz Berlin #76 Session – February 12th


Here is the program for this week!

Competition Short #1: “Border Patrol”, Peter Baumann

Synopsis: Carl, a young eager border cop is anxious to finish work so he can watch the big football match against Austria. Getting annoyed with his partner, Franz (who’s nearing retirement and likes to take his time), his plans are thwarted by the discovery of a suicide victim in the woods just near the Austrian border. The wily Franz realises this an opportunity for a bit of fun with his younger colleague, and sets about instructing him in making the body the Austrians’ problem. It all seems to work out well, except maybe the Austrians have seen this body before.

Competition Short #2: “Belle de Lyon”, by Max Sacker

Synopsis: For anyone that loves sex, dreams and the French New Wave. 1960s France. Inspired by the writings of the marquis de sade, young Séverine (Valeria Piskounova) betrays her controlling husband with a small-time street gangster. (Nikolai Kinski) An act of passion? Or is there something sinister at play?

Special Guest: Iacovos Gogakis, film critic, journalist and Programme Director at film festivals Cyprus (CYIFF) and Peloponnese (PIFF).

Out of Competion Short: “Alter”, by Petros Antoniadis

Synospsis: For a painter who paints with his hands comes a time when society ignores him. Then, when the conflict of the way he has chosen with the way everybody else is working (painting with brushes) is tearing him apart, his alter ego appears in his life showing him the way. The true way of listening to what you are ment to do…

More information about the film here.


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