Shortcutz Berlin #75 Session – February 5th


February is there and so is our new competition! The program for this week:

Competition Short #1: “Happy Tears”, by Martin Monk

Synopsis: An unexpected encounter with an object from his past plunges a man into a dream-like state of reminiscence. He begins a journey into his mind and memories, helping him to remember something vital he had once known but eventually forgotten: that true peace comes from within.

Competition Short #2: “The Last Night of Baby Gun”, by Jan Eilhardt

Synopsis: Baby Gun takes one night to turn her life around from the streets to the theatre, but not without extreme danger and a good but unlikely friend.

Special Guest: Gianluca Baccanico, a Philosopher and a Marshall McLuhan Fellow with research is on digital language and empathic perceptions. Gianluca is a member of the Loophole Art Space and he started the Boddinale Movie Festival last year. He also cofounded Das Loop, an online community for artists and event organizers.

Out of Competion Short: “Das Loop”, Marcus Grysczok and Gianluca Baccanico

The movie was created in November 2012 to celebrate the launch of the network of artists with the same name.


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