Shortcutz Berlin #73 Session – January 22nd


One more screening to go! Here is the program for this week:

Competition Short #1: “Jorg von Leopoldplatz”, by Thomas Dahm, Matthias Staudinger and Belek Wunderlich

Synopsis: This is a non fictional portraiture of Jörg, who lives on the streets of Berlin. He decided to tell us the tragic story of his life. This short documentary is the result of our first semester, studying Screen Based Media at Beuth Hochschule Berlin.

Competition Short #2: “Hit the Road”, by Felix Knoche

Synopsis: Jakob picks up Marie from one of her clients by car. Jakob is jealous. Marie didn’t react on his call for days. Who is that client, do they have an affair?! She denys everything. Angrily Jakob accelerates, wants to force Marie to say the truth. 100 miles/hour. The car crashes into the guardrail, overturns itself serveral times.

Special Guest: IVALO FRANK, director and Film Artist.

Since 2000, she has been based between Berlin and Copenhagen and works as a film director, philosopher and anthropologist. Frank has made films in various countries including Bosnia, China and Greenland and the content of her films range from post-war portraits to post-colonial perspectives and in-depth interviews with citizens from the former DDR. Ivalo Frank is the director of (amongst others) “Upper Reaches of the Arts”, an introduction to Shanghais’ art scene and cultural institutions and “Wild Dogs of Sarajevo“ a film highlighting war-tourism and the survivors of the longest occupation of any capital in history. She was already a Special Guest at Shortcutz Berlin in 29th March 2012 and we are looking forward to seeing her again!

More information can we found on Ivalo Frank´s website.

Out of Competition Short: Viviente

Synopsis: Viviente is a music video that explores the issue of identity through modern dance, lyrics and music – modes of expression performed by artists with each their cultural background. The film highlights how our body language and the sensitivity of music can overcome all cultural barriers.


Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

Please note: doors open at 20.30, the screening itself starts at 21.00.


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