Shortcutz Berlin #72 Session – come back: Jan 15th


2014 has brought Shortcutz Berlin back! The weekly screenings start again – from January 15th, Shortcutz Berlin takes place every Wednesday at Lagari: Pflügerstr. 19 (Ecke Nansenstr.), in Berlin Neukölln.

The program for this week:

Competition Short #1: “Jean et Mila”, by Eike Frederik SCHULZ & Hendrik RAUFMANN

Synopsis: Jeanetmila” is a film about a young couple. About friendships, relationships. About us. Missing out on each others and still giving it a try.
Competition Short #2: “Der notleidende Banker”, by Dennis RAETZEL

Synopsis: In this fake-reportage, we listen to a fictitious banker named Georg Feldmann. He talks about his everyday  life, his worldview and things he is concerned about.
The format is copying the series “Berlinfolgen” which obtained the Grimme Online Award in 2012.

Special Guest: Natalie Gravenor from, a platfotm that provides its users with plenty of arthouse videos on demand. You can check it here:

Out of Competion Short: “Numbers”, by Robert Hloz, Joshua Kim.

Synopsis: An intriguing nine minute Czech Republic/South Korea short film from Robert Hloz, about a young man who sees numbers above peoples heads – five or six digits, sometimes singles digits. The numbers have a hidden meaning.
In the city street, Nick meets a girl with the same problem. They know nothing about each other but seem to know everything about everyone else. Sometimes the more you know the worse things become, you can never go back to the person you were. Nick finds out that ignorance can be bliss.

Watch the trailere here.


Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

Please note: doors open at 20.30, the screening itself starts at 21.00.


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