Shortcutz Berlin Awards 2012 – Winners and Prizes


The 2nd edition of the Shortcutz Berlin Awards took place on February 2nd, 2012, at tthe great Urban Spree. The aim of the Shortcutz Berlin Awards is to give further recognition to all the great filmmakers that made our year of 2012 so great! And, of course, to thank them for their work and support throughout the intere year. Plus, we took the opportunity to celebrate 2 years of Shortcutz Berlin with an anniversary party open to everyone.

The prizes for this edition were:

– A voucher for one DVD rental at the Filmkunst Bar Fitzcarraldo for ALL winners of the 11 technical categories, plus a Movibeta Prize and a DVD collection for the “Winner of the Year”.

Bellow you can see the winners of the Shortcutz Berlin Awards 2012 – thank you all for coming or sending your friends/family to represent you shorts!


Clara Palau, representing the team of “Caffeine”, by Danae Diaz and Patricia Luna, winner of “Best Animation”.


Ester Amrami, director of “Zwei Männer und ein Tisch”, winner of “Best comedy” and “Best Berlin Short”.


From right to left, Josephine Links, the director, Lotta Kilian, the camera woman, and Anne Jünemann, the editor of “Wir Sterben” winner of “Best Documentary”.


Aaike Stuart, director of “Bad Luck City”, the winner of “Best Experimental” short.


Tobias von dem Borne getting his prize for “Best Photography” in the short film “1949”.


Billie Dünschede, representing her brother, Tim Dünschede, winner of the category “Best Director”, “Best Screenplay” and “Best Actress” with “Haltlos”.


David M.Lorenz receiving the prize for “Best Original Music” for the music of Florian Erlbeck in “Ein Augenblick in mir”, by David M.Lorenz and Darja Pilz.


Rainer Sellien getting the prize for “Best Actor” for his performance in “1949”, by Paul Florian Müller.


York-Fabian Raabe, the “Winner of the Year” from 2011 with “Zwischen Himmel und Erde”, announcing the nominees for the same category for 2012.


Robert Bohrer, director of MPU – Medizinisch Psychologische Untersuchung, the “Best Short of the Year” 2012 winner! Congratulations!

Robert Bohrer got a Movibeta Festival Prize: credit for 50 film festival submissions to several festivals around the world. With Movibeta filmmakers have access to a long list of festivals where they can submit their short to, including Festival de Malaga, Rome Independent Film Festival or Maipú Festival in Argentina. Without having to send DVDs by regular post, with Movibeta you just have to register to start sending out your films to different festivals. Online distribution – the better way for filmmakers to save money! Plus, as a gentle give-away by some past special guests at Shortcutz Berlin, he also got a DVD collection which included:

– “Surprise”, by Veit Helmer, a DVD including short films done by writer-director-producer, known for his short films such as “Tour Eiffel”, “Surprise” or “The Window Cleaner”.

– “Das Schlechte Feld”, by Bernhard Salmann, filmmaker. This documentary about an inquiry into a patch of land in Austria, was in the selction of DOK Leipzig Festival 2011.

– “Junge komm bald wieder”, by director and producer Ben Mergelsberg, from Wrangelfilm, a production company made by young filmmakers, a small core team of members and a broad network of changing collaborators in Berlin.

Thank you all for coming, a big thank you to our great jury and thank you all who were involved in the organisation of this evening!


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