Shortcutz Berlin #71 – Winner Session: December 20th


The Christmas’ break is coming closer, and it is time to announce the Winner of the Shortcutz Berlin December Competition, voted by our jury!

The competition shorts of December are:

Short #1: Wandernd Haus voll Vogelwasser, Veronika Samartseva

Short #2: Was fotografiert werden muss,  Irina Linke

Short #3: Grüne Oliven,  Gisèle Sabina Mbamu

Short #4: Dear Mr. Starr, Deniss Kacs

The Guest Short of this evening is “Long Distance Call” by Grzegorz Muskala.

2007, 20 min.

Synopsis: Henry is alone in a silent and darkened apartment, anxious and waiting by the phone, as his small child sleeps. Finally, a call. His wife Claire is on the other side of the world on a beach at a luxury resort, drunk, also in the dark, but apparently not alone. An adulterous affair or a life in danger? In the harrowing wait and frantic calls that follow, is it his marriage, his wife or his sanity that is most under threat? The telephone line is the single fragile thread that connects them, and all Henry can do is hang on.

The Special Guest of this evening is Mokoari Street Productions,  a film production company  founded in 2009 and based both in Lesotho and in Berlin.  Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese and Hannah Stockmann will present some works they made since its creation.

Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese  was born in 1980 in Hlotse, Lesotho.  He graduated in Human Resource Management , to refocus then on his first passion –  cinema. He became meanwhile an independent,  self-taught  filmmaker  who  has  been  writing,  directing,  editing  and producing music-videos, commercials, documentaries and feature-films since 2006. Co-founder, Creative Director and Senior Editor of a production company (VISION 12) based in Johannesburg. He took part in 2012 to the Berlinale Talent Campus. The same year, one of his scripts has won the Focus Features Africa First Award.

Hannah Stockmann was born in 1987 in Filderstadt, Germany.  As a teenager she continuously worked as an assistant director in a small theatre group in Stuttgart, where she also acted in several plays.  In 2007,  she moved to Berlin. She graduated in 2011 in Political Science, Philosophy and Gender Studies at the Freie Universität. In 2009 she visited Lesotho for an Internship and  met there Jeremiah Mosese. At the moment she is living in Berlin and works as a freelance filmmaker and Political Scientist.

My interests concerning my work circle around social justice and human relations and I see film as one of the most powerful tools to catalyse change in our day and age”. Jeremiah Mosese

My personal challenge was always to combine art and science since I think both “disciplines” can make each other holistic  – where science fails  to integrate human emotions and individual stories, film comes into place. Where film fails to be general, science can transcend it beyond the point of being just another random story. Besides that I feel that images speak to most humans much more intensely than words. They inspire and touch people subliminally which is why film is such a powerful tool that can create or at least influence ideas, attitudes, identities and change”. Hannah Stockmann

They will first show parts from their first two works together as Mokoari: The documentary “Good Night my White Pride” (trailer) and the feature film Likhapa tsa Mali (excerpt). Then more recent works, the short film “Mahlomola” (Sorrow) and the trailers for the two feature films (“For those whose God is dead” and “No Story is just Black or White”) they shot this year that are both in postproduction right now.

Find out more on their website:


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