Shortcutz Berlin #70 Session – December 13th


Short #1: “Grüne Oliven by Gisèle Sabina Mbamu

“Green Olives“ tells the story of a 14 year old boy living in a relationship of dependence with an older man. Fourteen year old Julian Kalmbach is a lonely boy, neglected by his parents. In 37 year old Thomas Balzer the boy finds the love and affection denied from him for so long. A dangerous love story takes its course. How far would you go simply to be loved?

16´25 min

Short #2: “Dear Mr. Starr by Deniss Kacs

Post-Wall Thuringia in the early 90’s: Klaus dreams of inviting Ringo Starr to the opening of his hairdressing salon, while his son plots revenge.

14’14 min

This week’s Guest Short:”Ring Frei” by Tom Weller

A transman prepares for his first fight as a boxer, but must first fight discrimination in the gym’s warm-up area.

2010, 4’13 Min

The Special Guest of this evening is Ben Mergelsberg, director/producer of Wrangelfilm,a documentary film production company and film collective from Kreuzberg. He will be talking about two road movie music documentaries by Wrangelfilm. One was shot in eastern Europe along the Danube, a trailer can be seen here. This project is currently in development and looking for funding. The crowdfunding campaign can be found here. The other film is in preproduction and will be shot in Mozambique. The trailer can be watched here. He will be talking about production conditions and wrangelfilm’s ideas to fund and distribute those films.


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