Shortcutz Berlin #69 Session – December 6th

#69 - ProgramShort #1: “Wandernd Haus voll Vogelwasser by Veronika Samartseva

2011, 9.14 min.

Synopsis: A journey into the inner world of woman, who descents into her own depths to finally emerge from a discord with her lover. A delicate animation which explodes in color from time to time, inhabited by an unexpected visitor. A tender and sensitive portrait on self-discovery.

Short #2: “Was fotografiert werden muss by Irina Linke

2011, 12.43min.

Synopsis: A visit to a photographer’s studio in Sanaa (Yemen). It is here that family photographs are taken, which are meant for the walls of the living room for friends and strangers to see. We are in the middle of this making, between painted décor, neoclassical sculptures and sceneries of green landscapes and faraway places. The people between the architectural elements, the draped plush toys and the charming flights of stairs with balustrade are not so different from those who had themselves immortalized by the European studio photography in the 19th century, except for one thing: the absent women …

This week’s Guest Short:”REDOMACO 002: Progress” by The Macuto Collective

2008, 6.21 min.

Synopsis: A TMC newsreel about the vertiginous growth of our cities

The Special Guest of this evening is Dave Lojek, President of the VIDEO-UND FILMVERBAND BERLIN / BRANDENBURG. Dave will be introducing the “Eulenspiegeleien”– Berlin Short Film Festival of Comedy and Satire, an open international festival for non-commercial filmmakers and a special event of the Bundesverband Deutscher Film-Autoren e. V. (Federal Association of German Film-Authors), taking place from January 18th to 20th 2013. Entry deadline is December 12, so hurry up!

Dave will also introduce the event Kurzfilmtag, taking place on December 21 all over Germany to promote the diverse short film culture. He currently curates a program for Kino Moviemento.


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