Shortcutz Berlin #68 – Winner Session: November 29th

The month is coming to an end and it is time to announce the Winner of the month of November !

The competition shorts of November are:

Short #1: CITY IS THE SEA, Laura Junggeburth
Short #2: iOMA, Maciej Bocianski
Short #3: DAMAGED KUNG FU, Juliane Block
Short #4: CAFFEINE, Danae Diaz and Patricia Luna
Short #5: DIE BANDE, Susanne Schulz
Short #6: ZWEI MÄNNER UND EIN TISCH, Ester Amrami
Short #7: BERLIN LOVES TOKYO, Tabea Sternberg
Short #8: THE BET, Anthony Straeger
The Guest Short of this evening is “Berytus , Tyrus , Augusta” by Fabien Chas.
2007, 20 min.
Synopsis: This short film is an attempt to confront a certain practice of the abstract post-modern dance to the political and historical realities in Lebanon . It undertakes the risk to question some certainties concerning the ideological and evolutional destination of man-kind in a poetic form , avoiding neither failure or irony.
The Special Guest of this evening is, with Alexander Schellow, director, and Marie Urban, produces and supports practices between film, Performance and architecture. It works on the principle of constellation. Develops hybrid aesthetical Forms on the border of fictional and documentary approaches. Explores urban structures and processes of transformation by revealing aspects of social, political, economical and cultural realities. Connects artistic practices in transnational cooperations with researchers and partners from various work fields.

Alexander Schellow and Marie Urban work together since 2008 in a context of film and performance projects.
Alexander Schellow is an artist and filmmaker. His practice is based on recollection-processes of visual memory by drawing reconstruction. His films and installations were internationally shown in various museums and biennials (
Marie Urban studied theater and cultural sciences in France, Canada and Germany. She conducted artistic research and was active as a dramaturgical assistant in the context of various projects, among others also for David Weber-Krebs.
In the cooperation Schellow/Urban a special notion of the documentary element has started to emerge and take a definite form through the development of strategies for the involvement with specific urban structures. The foundation of is a reaction to this development.
find out more on their website
Looking forward to seeing you all there! The entrance is, as usual, FREE!

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