Shortcutz Berlin #67 Session – November 22nd

Short #1: “Berlin Loves Tokyo by Tabea Sternberg

2011, 15 min.

Synopsis: “berlin loves tokyo” is portraying young Berliners who hold a penchant for Tokyo: as well as discussing their idols in the Tokyo music and fashion worlds, they also show how their styles have been inspired by Japanese youth culture. There topics range from Lolita-fashion, cosplay, J-rock to cross-dressing and critic actions against child pornography mangas.

Short #2: “The Bet by Anthony Straeger

2011, 7 .50min.

Synopsis: Porter is a man that has spent his life searching for the ultimate thrill. This time he found a game where the stakes were higher than he could ever imagine. Now he finds that he’s bitten off more than he was prepared to chew. Desperate not to fulfill the wager he is on the run and this time his life is in jeopardy. Being hunted down was not something he had quite bargained for. The Bet is a game of life and death. Will Porter evading paying the ferryman!

This week’s Guest Short:”Chicken Wings” by Pauline Kortmann

2008, 5.33 min.

Synopsis: Once upon a time, when the Wild West was still wild, a Cowgirl and a Werewolf travel the hostile land. As a chicken walks their way a fight about the appropriate use of it makes them forget the danger around, till it seems to be too late.

The Special Guest of this evening is Fadi Abdelnour, Creative Director of the Arab Film Festival.

ALFILM – Arab Film Festival Berlin is one of the most important festival of it‘s kind in Europe. The festival is worldwide distinguished in it‘s highlighting the thematically challenging and artistically outstanding Arab film production, offering a fresh perspective on the Arab world and the work of Arab filmmakers. Beyond its wide and rich program, discussions and talks with film makers and experts provide a unique platform for dialogue and creative exchange. ALFILM is a non-commercial film festival, established in 2009 by the non-profit association „Friends of the Arab Cinematheque, Berlin“.

Ever since ALFILM is engaged in Berlin‘s dynamic cultural scene, working with noted local partners such as Hebbel am Ufer (HAU), IfA-Galerie, and Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO). On the international level the festival cooperates with Goethe-Institut, the Egyptian Film Center, Centre Cinematographique Marocain, as well as several Arabic and International film festivals in the middle east and worldwide.

The fourth edition of ALFILM – Arab Film Festival Berlin took place from November 5-11, 2012. In different locations in Berlin, the festival presented more than 40 feature films, documentaries and short films from Arab countries – among them German and European premieres. Alongside the MAIN PROGRAMME, the festival dedicates a RETROSPECTIVE to a renown Arab director each year. Furthermore,  special screenings approach thematic issues through contemporary and historic films of all genres.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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