Shortcutz Berlin #66 Session – November 15th

Short #1: “Die Bande” by Susanne Schulz

2011, 13 min.

Synopsis: Six ten year old girls shoot a film about what is most important to them: friendship, the gang. The Making of shows their friendship on the brink of childhood. A Film for children and adults.

Short #2: “Zwei Männer und ein Tisch” by Ester Amrami

2011, 7 min.

Synopsis: During a furniture delivery Rouven and Yusuf get to know each other.Yusuf has a score the settle with Israel. Therefore Rouven tries to hidehis Israeli origins. A strange encounter in Berlin.

This week’s Guest Short:”Tutto o niente” by Christophe Fustini

2010, 17 min.

Synopsis:A young student falls madly in love with a married man who lives a brief adventure with no future with a young student. Is it about the same love story ?

The Special Guest of this evening is Markus Obermeier, actor, writer and Producer.

Markus Obermeier was born in 1974 in a small village in Germany. His natural curiosity in the world around him, and a vivid personality made him a born entertainer and he enjoyed acting in local stage plays, and entertaining friends and neighbors with his band. Already at an early age Markus Obermeier felt an urge to travel and live in different countries. In his twenties he moved to France and Italy where he acted and hosted on stage. After having lived in Munich, Milan, Paris and Amsterdam he moved to Los Angeles to study acting (Stanislavski). Here he also discovered his talent for screenwriting and producing. After having worked on screen and stage in Los Angeles, Markus moved to Berlin where he added Meisner to his acting techniques. Markus integrates his international experience as a former professional athlete and former fashion executive, his extensive travel experiences, life on different continents, into his acting performances, adding authenticity yet playfulness.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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