Shortcutz Berlin #65 Session – November 8th

Short #1: “Damaged Kung Fu” by Juliane Block

2011, 17 min.

Synopsis: Eric “Iron Fan” Kao and Bronson “Dragon” Lai are in the midst of shooting a Kung Fu film when Bronson spots Eric with Vivienne, his girlfirend. Thinking Vivienne is cheating on him with his best friend, he quits in the middle of the shoot. Crew and cast left behind try to save the day, but nobody can replace Bronson.

Short #2: “Caffeine” by Danae Diaz and Patricia Luna

2011, 5 min.

Synopsis: Masses of identical people start each day with coffee. One day one of them wants to break out of the routine. A music video for Brandt Brauer Frick’s “Caffeine”.

This week’s Guest Short:”Go Bash” by Stefan Eckel and Stefan Prehn

2010, 14.38min.

Synopsis: GO BASH – a graffiti-tag that is both a challenge and a mantra. More and more young people enjoy spraying it on walls they’ve ‘bashed’ – they’ve successfully run up against. A proud symbol of ‘I was here’ – but also: ‘… and I survived!’ Finally, a real, irrefutable, because painful experience in a world that increasingly only exists in the padded, unreal image that is conveyed of it. And the generation before that – the grown-ups? They were already numbed by the constant media bombardment ages ago to become grotesque caricatures of archetypical TV-Drama-icons: ‘one’s parents’, ‘the psychologist’, ‘the inspector’ and the coadjutors of the collective superego. Mindless puppets, ranting and talking in monologues. Out of sheer fear they have long run away from the imminent power of youth and life itself into the hoary trap of their own ‘scripted reality’. They’ve run into a wall so soft as the cynical drivel of clerics looking for souls.

The Special Guest of this evening is Veit Helmer, a writer, director and producer from Berlin. He studied film at the Munich Film School HFF. Veit Helmer became known for off beat short films. He co-wrote the feature film “A Trick of Light” directed by Wim Wenders, premiered in Venice 1997. His first feature film production “Tuvalu”, starring Denis Lavant had been invited to 62 festivals, including San Sebastian, London, Chicago, Berlin and Karlovy Vary. The film was released in June 2000 by Buena Vista Germany. His second feature film “Gate to Heaven”, starring Miki Manojlovic and Udo Kier was released in December 2003 in Germany by Prokino/20th Century Fox. His third feature film “Absurdistan” (2008) premiered in Sundance and has received awards at numerous festivals. Besides fiction films, Veit Helmer directed three documentary films. “Behind the Couch” was awarded several times and aired by BBC and 20 broadcasters from all continents (world sales Filmstransit). He became member of the European Film Academy in August 2002. He participated at several MEDIA supported training programmes (EAVE, Equinoxe,  Moonstone, Sources, Strategics, Film Business School, MFI). He holds lectures at film schools in Beirut, Tbilisi, Djakarta, Tashkent and Bogota.

Veit will be showing three of his short films:

– “Window Cleaner”
– “Surprise!”
– “Caspian Bride”
It is going to be a great evening, so be sure not to miss it! Hope to meet you all there!


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